Call 4 Action: Painter unpaid for job at Edinburg CISD

Action 4 News found out that Luis Luna Jr. was served by Edinburg P.D. in the pending civil case.

In a Call 4 Action, a painter in the Rio Grande Valley said Tuesday he did some work for the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District several months ago, and he never received the $4,000 he's owed.

Gilbert Villareal said he's been trying to collect from a contractor hired by Edinburg CISD since August of 2008.

He said he and his crew painted several portable buildings on various ECISD campuses, but he never recieved full payment.

He claimed the contractor, Luis Luna Jr. and Larco Construction, still owe him $4,100.

Villareal said he expected to get paid doing work for a school, but it surprised him that that is not the case.

He made an appeal to Luna on Action 4 News.

"I would tell him to just call me and pay me, and that's it, so I can pay my employees," said Villareal.

An attorney representing ECISD said while it may be unfortunate, the district is only liable to the contractor hired by the board, not the subcontractors, like Villareal.

Action 4 News found out that Luna was served by Edinburg P.D. in the pending civil case.

It will now be up to both men to settle the matter in a Justice of the Peace court.