Call 4 Action: Parking Problem at UCAS in McAllen

Students at the University of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences in McAllen said their school's parking lot is a hazard.

"In case of an emergency, we can't get out because everyone is blocked," said Ninfa Gonzalez, a student at UCAS.

Gonzalez said from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., this is what students have to deal with during most of the week.

"Something needs to be done," said Gonzalez.

The parking lot may seem large, but students point out how it fails to accommodate the growing number of students and clients.

"If they are registering us, and we are paying for school to come here, they are supposed to supply us with a space to park and that's a problem," said Gonzalez. "We don't have enough space to park."

Gus Mikael, the school's marketing director looks at the full lot as a positive sign.

"It's just an enrollment response and growth, and it's a good growth," said Mikael.

He said work is underway to expand, and students are asked to be patient.

"We are looking for a long-term solution that is going to be better for the students and clients," said Mikael.

But Gonzalez insists the parking lot needs to be expanded now. She said students have already been involved in accidents because of the overflowed parking lot.

She is concerned that more accidents will happen in this already confined lot.

Action 4 talked to McAllen police, and they confirm a girl's car was struck by another this year in the school's parking lot.

But police cannot enforce parking regulations or force the school to expand its parking lot because it's on private property.