Call 4 Action: Peace shattered on Summer Breeze Street

Zoning Issues

Life on Summer Breeze Street is just that, serene and perfect for families, but the peace here has been shattered by the demolition of one of the oldest homes to make way for commercial real estate.

Residents fought against it and thought they had won.

"We went to the Rezoning Commission of Mission and they said it was denied so we were happy," says Margaret Ortiz.

So why is the house gone and the entrance to Summer Breeze street under construction? Mission City Commissioners approved the measure at a second meeting.

"No one told us about another meeting and we thought it was denied and that was it. Then two weeks later the bulldozers are out here. How can that be? Doesn TMt the rezoning commission have the authority?"

Margaret and most of her neighbors have signed a petition stating.

She doesn TMt want to walk out of her home to see the back of a building expected to house a radio station.

"Children walk through here and bike through here. These are expensive homes in here and they want to put up a strip mall?"

They also fear the rezoning of their area to allow commercial real estate will depreciate the value their properties which they've worked hard to purchase and maintain.

We put a call into the rezoning and planning department in the city of Mission and we were told that the administrators were in a meeting. They have not called back to answer our questions.