Call 4 Action: San Benito salon robbed

Composite sketch of the suspect.

A San Benito couple issued a Call 4 Action after their beauty salon was robbed in broad daylight.

Joe Estrada said his wife's attacker put a knife to her throat with one hand while waving a gun in the other during a Wednesday afternoon robbery.

It happened at his wife TMs beauty salon on 257 West Robertson Street in San Benito.

"Right after I left...that's when they came in," Estrada said.

Alicia TMs Beauty Salon was the only business on the strip open late Wednesday afternoon.

Estrada believes with his truck gone and with the coast clear the two men ambushed the business trying to cash in on his wife's vulnerability.

"They took a cell phone, the business phone... and there was no way to call for help," he said.

The pair of beauty salon bandits made off with $800 in cash.

San Benito police released a composite sketch of one of the two suspects.

Estrada said the suspects also made away with Alicia TMs purse that had credit cards and jewelry inside.

The San Benito man said he thanks God that his wife wasn't hurt but said the frightening ordeal left him with just one option.

"We're going to install an alarm and we're going to get cameras, Estrada said.

Since learning about the crime, other beauty salon owners have taken precautions to prevent a similar attack.

The owner of Salon 1014 in Harlingen said she no longer does business with the doors unlocked.

"That's why we want to have a doorbell for our clients... that way we'll just let them in when they come in," said Patty Skow.

The Harlingen woman said it was an easy step to secure her livelihood since most of her customers are by appointment only.

However, that's not the case at Alicia's and while the robbers remain free, Estrada said he TMll remain on watch.

Anyone with information about the robbery or the identity of the two men are asked to call the San Benito Police Department at (956) 361-3880.