Call 4 Action: Son Not Allowed At School Easter Egg Hunt

It's a Call 4 Action from a mother who said a teacher called her and told her her special needs son wouldn't be allowed to participate in the school's egg hunt.

Crystal Garcia said earlier this week, the teacher told her that her son doesn't listen, so during the Easter activities, she was going to separate him from the other students and not let him participate.

He's a very active child.

"I know he has his days," said Crystal.

That sometimes get's him in trouble.

"Sometimes he acts like an animal like he says that he's a fish or a bird or something," said Crystal.

Even in his special needs classes.

"He's considered ADHD, he has microcephaly, and it's also mental retardation," she said.

Garcia said her son Angel's special ed teacher told her earlier this week that the boy wouldn't be able to go to the school's Easter Egg Hunt because he doesn't listen.

"I can't be in the Easter Egg Hunt," said Angel.

That's something Crystal said upset her.

"As a parent I don't believe that's right," said Crystal.

Crystal said Angel is 6 and a half years old, but his brain is at a 4-year-old's pace, and with ADHD, it's sometimes a challenge to get him to listen.

"I didn't send him to school, why because they didn't want him to be part of the easter egg hunt," said Crystal.

Crystal said it's an activity all the students should be able to participate even those like her son.

"I like to look for eggs," said Angel.

Action 4 News spoke with Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District about this issue.

They said no one is prohibited of participating in the activities.

The principal spoke to Crystal and said she will resolve the matter.

Crystal was told she was welcomed to take Angel to school for the activities.

Crystal reported the principal did tell her today to take Angel to the activities but Angel no longer wanted to go to the egg hunt.