Call 4 Action: Student Upset Over Unpaid Wages

Week after week, McAllen resident Matthew Zuniga spent last summer working to raise money for college.

But month after month, he says the former manager of Tuesday Morning in Edinburg didn't pay him at all.

It does bother me, said Matthew Zuniga. "It's a lot of money.

The 20 year-old said he was fed up and filed a claim with the U.S. Department of Labor in January of this year.

After weeks of emails and phone calls, Zuniga says he finally received a call in march from his case worker, saying there was a small delay in his claim. But since then there's been little progress.

"He's only contacted me twice, said Zuniga. Actually twice but the second time he said he was out of town.

Zuniga said he hasn't heard from him since so he turned to Action 4 News for help.

Action 4 News did speak to a spokesperson for Tuesday Morning. They said via statement that Tuesday Morning has submitted the matter to the Texas Department of Labor and are waiting for the final resolution.

A year later, Zuniga still works for Tuesday Morning.

He says he's had no problems with his pay since last year's incident.

But says he still wants the more than $1,400.00 that's owed to him.

"They want you to work, said Zuniga. And we do the job they want us to do. But they don't pay us.

Zuniga says it's difficult to find another job during this economy and he needs to pay for school.

Action 4 News also spoke to the Department of Labor.

They said they have an open investigation into the case and cannot comment due to department policy.