Call 4 Action: Title dispute at Brownsville car lot

Robert Rocha bought a Jeep Wrangler from Quintero's Motors in Brownsville, located on Southmost Road, more than a year ago.

Rocha said he paid $10,744 for the 2003 Jeep, which he adds, is in good overall condition. He TMs been making bi-weekly payments of $200. Recently, Rocha said, he began having problems with the car lot owner over the tax, tags and title charge.

"They tried to charge me double (for the) tags because on my bill itself, tags and title are included - it's clearly there, Rocha said. The amount financed, was the amount from the bill of sale, so that amount financed includes the tags.

Action 4 News Visited Quintero's Motors Friday looking for answers. The owner would not speak on camera but said he TMs not over charging Rocha for anything.

He showed Action 4 the taxes, tags and title receipt that he paid nearly $900 for, in April 2011. He said it is included in Rocha TMs total car charge.

Sales representatives at a Harlingen car dealership that sells used and new cars, told Action 4 that the price of taxes can vary depending on the price of the vehicle, but the total charge for title and tags should be about $300.

They also said when a car is sold - new or used " it typically includes the cost for tags and title, and buyers should not be required to pay more.

Quintero insisted he TMs not charging Rocha more than is owed. He said Rocha is trying to make his business look bad, after a dispute between an employee at the lot and Rocha's relative.

Quintero adds that in 12 years of business, he's never had a similar complaint and just wants Rocha to finish his payments, so he can hand over the car title.

According to Rocha, the car lot owner is simply practicing bad business.

"I think he's greedy (and) I think he's just taking advantage of our community, Rocha said. He knows that he caters to the lower to middle level families which sometimes don TMt understand the contract."

Rocha said he TMs filed several complaints including to the Better Business Bureau and Texas Attorney General TMs Office.

Quintero, on the other hand, said he filed a police report because he said Rocha threatened him.