Call 4 Action: Traffic Nightmare at Edinburg School

Juanita Torres looks across the busy street at the elementary school all three of her children attend.

She said in recent months the principal at Escandon Elementary in Edinburg stopped parents from using the parent designated parking lot.

"I want to make sure my first-grader gets to class," Torres said.

She said the barricades stopped parents from parking but has not stopped, what she calls, chaos of the morning rush.

"Instead of fixing the problem they've moved the problem somewhere else," Torres said.

The place they moved it? Torres said to a grassy area right next to the school.

"When it rains it gets muddy, Torres said. There are also no set lines. If there were you might be more cautious."

She said now parents are not only parking in the grassy area"some are pulling onto the side of the road to drop their children off. This is something Torres said is unsafe.

"They're just dropping them off and these kids are just walking through, Torres said. If a truck backs up and doesn't see the child-- there will be an accident. Until that happens that's when they'll take action."

Action 4 News contacted Edinburg CISD and Superintendent Rene Gutierrez sent over this statement:

Edinburg Consolidated ISD is concerned with the safety of all its school children as they are dropped-off and picked-up from school daily.

Campus administrators have taken the measure to re-design the student pick-up and drop-off area in order to provide a safer and efficient process for the student TMs well-being.