Call 4 Action: Transmigrantes Cause Trash Problem in Los Indios

Neighbors in Los Indios are complaining about Transmigrantes Vida Nueva and other similar businesses.

Neighbors on Don Felipe Trevino Circle in Los Indios told Action 4 News they are sick of picking up trash.

"It TMs pitiful, said neighbor Regino Montoya. I mean you have to be picking up their stuff. That's not right."

Regino Montoya said the neighboring business Transmigrantes Vida Nueva is the source of the trash. "Whenever we have high winds, like we had last week all that trash just blows and it come over here, Montoya said. Transmigrantes, who travel through Mexico to Central and South America, return back to their home countries with caravans of cars and other American products.

Another Los Indios resident Francisca Sauceda told Action 4 News that the transmigrantes leave their trash everywhere and when it rains it causes the drainage to clog up.

Sauceda said she's gone to City Hall on the matter but they tell her not much can be done because it TMs private property. Action 4 News spoke to City Secretary Beatriz Weaver who agrees with neighbors but has mixed feeling about the transmigrantes.

"They have contributed to our economy, but unfortunately because of some there is a lot of trash, Weaver said.

She said she TMs warned the transmigrantes about the trash issue.

"The owner of that place has been told that he needs to create a privacy fence, Weaver said. Neighbors said they agree claiming it TMs also causing health concerns having so many mosquitoes in the area.

Action 4 News tried to speak with the employees of Transmigrantes Vida Nueva but they did not want to speak on camera.

But Montaya said the fencing cannot come soon enough.

"Well they need to put up a fence or put trash cans out there so the people can put the trash, he said.