Call 4 Action: Unpaved road keeps some Sullivan City kids from school

The mud on Chayo Street in Sullivan City

Unpaved road keeps some Sullivan City kids from going to school.

Rain turns a Chayo Street in Sullivan City into a mess of mud.

It's a nuisance neighbors face every time it rains and it is battle some are backing down from.

Esmerelda Islas said her daughter is one of several children on the street who do not go to school when the dirt road turns to muck.

She said the slippery mud often causes her daughter to fall and covers her messy clothes before she even makes it to the bus.

"She falls and she comes home and says, 'I'm not going, TM said Islas.

The teen isn't the only neighbor to fall from the mess of mud.

Seventy-five-year-old Julia Phibert told Action 4 News she's slipped several times.

She said her daughters have called Sullivan City several times asking to get the road paved.

It's a request gone unfulfilled in the 20 or so years Phibert TMs has lived on that street.

In muddy shoes and pants, Action 4 News went to Sullivan City Hall.

At city hall, Action 4 News found out that the city may not have enough money.

"If the city would have the funds to go and pave streets on our own, we would," said Sullivan City Manager Judy Davila.

Davila knows the problems it poses.

"Citizens' vehicles getting stuck in the mud, children getting muddy as they're walking to school," said Davila.

That's why Davila said Sullivan City is requesting county money to bring black top where the brown gunk sits.

Neighbors are skeptical.

Action 4 News asked Hidalgo County when a decision would be made on whether to fund the paving of Chayo Street.

The county said they should know in about a week.