Call 4 Action Update - Lasara ISD Bullying Case Continues

Ruby Salinas and her 12-year-old son Jacob Salinas had a pep-talk about bullying Monday morning before he headed off to school.

The mother-son pair spoke out to Action 4 News about an alleged case of bullying the 7th grader said he has dealt with the entire year.

"My son has been having all these problems so it's not something I TMm going to ignore just because everyone is putting it to the side," Salinas said.

When Action 4 News visited Lasara Independent School District Superintendent of Rolando Pea Friday for comment, he refused to speak on camera.

Pea said this not a case of bullying, and that the district has done all it can to address Salinas' concern.

"I TMve been trying to find a way to see their point of view, Salinas said Monday. I don't know what they call bullying, but I TMve seen it - name calling, teasing - and it's been consistent over and over. I don TMt feel bullying is necessarily physical contact."

Action 4 News took the concerns to School Board President Isidro Robles, but he directed us back to the superintendent.

We then turned to school board member, Eloy Castaeda. He also did not give an on-camera interview.

Castaeda said he agrees that bullying is not just physical and said, "We don't want a Columbine."

However, he said he can't direct the superintendent on how to address the issue, until the entire school board agrees on it.

Castaeda also said the school should TMve taken more time to investigate the mother's concern.

Action 4 News also contacted the alleged bully's father, but he refused to comment on the allegations.

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