Call 4 Action Update - Woman Gets Deposit

Teresa Esparza claims she never moved into an apartment where she planned to live because of her landlord promised her a stove that was never delivered.

The Harlingen woman turned to Action 4 News after she lost her deposit.

The landlord claims he never signed a document saying he was supposed to provide the stove.

Action 4 News obtained a document, that states the Landlord would provide the stove.

Confronted by this, Arturo Benavides claims he originally signed a blank document and that the tenant, Teresa Esparza filled in the blanks after he was gone.

Action 4 News contacted the Housing Authority, and they tell Action 4 News, that normally a landlord fills out the paperwork and then signs it.

Rather than disputing over a document, Benavides handed over a $400 check for Teresa as a sign of good will.

I wanted to help her even though I didn TMt have to," he said. "But I wanted to do this out of my heart."

Esparza took the check delivered by Action 4 News and says she can now move on.

Both parties say they have learned their lesson and are glad this is ending peacefully.