Call 4 Action Update: Edcouch road getting paved

Puddles of water on a road in Edcouch attract unwanted visitors.

"The problem is every time it rains, the water just stays here because the road's not paved. It's just dirt, said Jesus Gonzalez who lives in front of the road.

He said the still waters bring mosquitoes.

"(My brother) gets all these mosquito bites," said Gonzalez. "He keeps on getting rashes on his face and on his body."

The bites get so bad, Gonzalez said his brother Isaac is taken to the doctor frequently.

Gonzalez and his family want the road paved.

It's been 2 years since Gonzalez first brought this issue to the city, and he said finally, it looks like there's a glimmer of hope that this will be resolved.

"That should be in the works by the latest next month," said Melody Galvan, Edcouch mayor pro-tem.

Galvan said the dirt road isn't considered a road by the city, but they'll make an exception.

"Their concern came in, we put it in the budget and the budget was approved," said Galvan.

She said the city will include this "road" on the list of roads that will be improved in Edcouch.

Gonzalez went in front of the commissioner's board at a city council meeting Tuesday and brought his case to them.

Galvan said by Monday, the city will put a mixture of gravel and dirt in the potholes for the meantime, and in a month or so, it will be paved.

"I'm hoping they can really stick to it," said Gonzalez.

The family hopes their days of going through the mud and taking little Isaac to the doctor will be over.