Call 4 Action: Wife of slain runner turns to social media to petition for justice

Wife of slain runner turns to social media to petition for justice

It's been just over a year since the worst day in Kara Polanco's life.

"He had gone running. It had been a few hours and I started to worry."

Her husband Edoardo "Eddie" Polanco had served two tours of duty overseas, and upon returning home to Los Fresnos, had become an avid runner.

He was training for a marathon on March 18, 2012 and had left his phone and wallet at home while he went for his run.

Seven hours later, Kara heard the worst possible news.

"The Brownsville detectives came to my house, they told me to sit down and I didn't want to sit down. I told them to just tell me if my husband was dead and they said yes."

Her beloved Eddie had suffered severe head trauma after a vehicle drove straight into him on Highway 100.

"He lived for 3 hours at the hospital and I didn't even know."

According to Brownsville investigators who reconstructed the scene, Eddie was jogging on HIghway 100 back toward his home when he saw a mustang convertible lose control and drive into a ditch. He made a dash in the opposite direction toward the expressway, but all his training in the marines and marathons couldn't save his life.

According to Kara, DPS had stopped the mustang in Laguna Vista and since the driver was intoxicated, the trooper allegedly told the passenger to take the wheel. After a citation was given, Juan Carlos Garcia drove away falling asleep at the wheel before slamming into Eddie.

With a broken windshield, Garcia drove away according to witnesses, but was blocked by another driver.

Kara has started on online petition hoping the driver receives more than a slap on the hand.

"He committed a crime and he should serve more time for that."

Meanwhile, the Marine's family vows to keep his memory alive through his little boy who they say is definitely going to be a runner like his dad.

"If Eddie had any thoughts that day, I'm sure he was thinking about his son."

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