Call 4 Action: Woman Mauled in Dog Attack

Maria Torres said she saw her life flash before her eyes when her neighbors TM dog attacked her. "I thought he was going to kill me," said Torres. "I thought he wanted to bite me on throat after biting my arm." Maria Lopez, who lives across the street, said she heard her neighbors blood curdling screams and immediately called 911. "I looked out the window and saw Maria being attacked by a dog," said Lopez. "The dog had her like a rag doll." Two boys ran outside with bats--beating the dog until he let go of Torres. Torres said she filed a police report, but nothing was ever done. San Juan police tell Action 4 news the dog owner was cited for having her dog loose. But Torres' attorney, Billy Loredo, told Action 4 News more should have been done. "There is a law that states if a person has a dog that has the tendency to bite someone--- that person can be charged with a third degree felony," said Loredo. Torres said she is now left with scars on her left arm--a reminder of the day she was attacked by a dog.