Call 4 Action: Woman Worried About Clogged Ditch

With the threat of Tropical Storm Don headed to Texas, one Cameron County woman is asking for commissioners to take action in her neighborhood.

Mayra Rodriguez told Action 4 News that a ditch near her home outside San Benito is full of trash and should be clean before we receive any rain.

Rodriguez lives on Subdivision 281, which is located in Precinct 4.

She said she's frustrated with county leaders because she says these drainage ditches are covered with grass and brush and have almost flattened-out.

Rodriguez said worries because it's mid-hurricane season and water floods her property every time it rains.

The Cameron County woman said she TMs contacted county officials several times about this issue.

"My main concern is that the ditches are not well maintained, Rodriguez said. So, whether it's a light storm or a heavy storm does the same effect? Yes all the water accumulates."

Finally on Wednesday, they issued a work order but crews won't get to until a couple of weeks.

This while Tropical Strom Don lurks in the Gulf of Mexico.

"It's been like two months they came and they just came and cut the grass they came with the big machinery and they cut but they haven TMt come and do the digging for the ditches, she said.

Cameron County Precinct 4 Commissioner Dan Sanchez told Action 4 News that the grass has grown throughout the entire precinct due to recent rains.

Sanchez added that with limited funds, crews and resources, county officials are trying to address all drainage concerns as soon as possible.

Commissioner Sanchez said they are also looking to address issues with county roads.

He said county leaders are meeting with Texas Department of Transportation officials to see if they can receive funding to fix them.