Call for Action: Still no property deed after one year

Still no property deed after one year

An 8'ft board is now flipped over. It lays on the corner lot of Canyon Dr. in Weslaco, the message is clear...

"It has been a year since we paid you, we want deeds!"

Isabel Molina said she and her husband put it up in front of their home-- after not receiving the deed to the property they paid for.

"I bought something I gave him the money and all I want is what is rightfully mine and I can TMt move forward without that," Molina said

Molina said after paying $44,000 Property Manager Samuel Crego refuses to give her the title.

Molina said it's been a year and not only is she tired of waiting she is now delinquent in her taxes.

She claims she hasn't been able to pay them because the property is not under her name.

"These people pay their hard earned money, they go to work and save their money and hand it over to a man that TMs not even going and return and say okay you know you paid me, we are going to go to the bank let me take care of my responsibility like a good honest business person would do," Molina said

Action 4 news spoke to Crego the owner of Westgate Village Homes, who does not deny owing Molina the deed to the property; claims he is working with the bank to change the property in Molina's name.

Crego also said the taxes are taken care of.

Crego did release a statement that said|

"To address the situation at hand I offer the following : I have provided deeds recently and she is next in line...I TMm sorry for any inconvenience it caused. I have paid taxes on the property. I am very close to refinancing this property and this will provide complete resolution within a few days," Crego said

Molina said she's tired of hearing excuses... She just wants the deed to lot 168 and 169.

Crego said he will personally hand her the clear deed to her property.

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