Call for Action: Man Blames Mechanic for Car Troubles

Raymond Cantu doesn't drive like most people.

Not able to use his legs since a scuba diving accident 25 years ago, he uses hand gears to stop and go.

Cantu says he takes extra good care of his car because it allows him to stay independent.

"I always maintain my car, Cantu said. If the owner's manual says to replace my belts I do it before they bust."

About a month ago, Cantu took his car into National Lube in Weslaco for a routine transmission flush before driving to Dallas.

When he left the shop the car sounded good, but driving near Falfurrias something changed.

"My car started messing up and I said something is wrong and it stopped working," Cantu said.

Cantu's transmission went out and it had to be rebuilt.

"I was left stranded in Falfurrias," Cantu said. "It cost $250 to bring me back. They charged me $108 for the transmission flush the first time, and then I paid an extra $70 for the right transmission flush."

Although he did not want to speak on camera, the shop manager says the car's transmission was already bad before they serviced it and nothing he or his employees did, caused it to malfunction.

"Now that all this is done they say, well this car was about to give up in a month. So then why take my $108? Why do the flush if it's about to go out? I think they are just hungry for the money, Cantu said.

National Lube and Cantu split the cost of rebuilding the transmission 50-50 but Cantu says he is still not satisfied.

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