Call for Action: U-Pull-It

A trip to U-Pull-It Auto Parts near the Port of Brownsville has driven one Weslaco woman crazy. ~Ana, TM who asked that we do not use her real name, said that she felt like she was getting scammed. ~Ana TM paid for a part she said didn't fit her car.

Knowing that there was a no return policy, ~Ana TM wasn't looking for a refund, just the right part.

Management at U-Pull-It told ~Ana TM that they didn't have her engine and she would have to wait as long as it took for one to come in.

After being out of more then $400 and only a receipt to show for it, ~Ana TM demanded that she either get the part she needs or her money back.

"I don't want my money. All I want is the engine. If you have it then good, if you don't then give me the money. I'm not going to wait a week, a day or months," said ~Ana TM. ~Ana TM eventually got her money back, but not before waiting 5 hours in the lobby of U-Pull-It. The manager told ~Ana TM to come for her money in the morning, but didn't give her the money until 5 p.m. that afternoon.

Action 4 News visited U-Pull-It on Sunday to speak with management.

They did not allow our cameras into their shop and refused to comment on the situation.