Camera captures tornado activity across the border in Matamoros

The severe weather and tornado activity that swept through the Rio Grande Valley on Friday morning didn't stop at U.S./Mexico border.

Matamoros residents are using social media to share pictures and video of a funnel cloud that formed in the skies above their city on Friday afternoon.

Residents began posting pictures and video of a thin funnel cloud that formed shortly before 4 p.m. Friday.

According to reports posted to the #Matamoros hashtag of the social media network Twitter, it happened in between the Santa Anita and Puerto Rico neighborhoods on the city's southwest side.

No damages or injuries were reported but resident Luis Jose Rodriguez recorded video of the weather phenomenon.

Action 4 News Chief Meteorologist Bryan Hale reviewed the video and pictures and said it's common for funnel clouds to start off horizontally before gaining strength and touching down.

The funnel cloud in the Matamoros video never touched down.