Cameras capture men smuggling marijuana near Los Indios bridge

Eduardo Marcelino Sanchez-Ramirez

Seven men are behind bars after a remote video system allegedly spotted them smuggling more than 400 pounds of marijuana.

The men were attempting to smuggle the marijuana using backpacks near the Los Indios International Bridge on Thursday.

Investigators found the seven men near Robertson Street in Los Indios after being alerted by a remote video system.

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrived at the scene and arrested Blas Manuel Cadena-Ayala, Samuel Lopez-Vasquez, David Guerra-Sanchez, Eduardo Marcelino Sanchez-Ramirez, Fernando Yepez, Aldo Ivan Rodriguez-Garcia and Julio Cesar Allende-Ortiz.

Court records show that all of the men, except Guerra-Sanchez, had strap marks on their shoulders.

All seven men appeared before a federal judge in Brownsville on Monday morning where they were denied bond until a Thursday afternoon hearing.