Cameron County - Water has 'nowhere to go'

The water that has flooded mid-Cameron County has nowhere to drain to, county irrigation officials said.

The water has flooded residents in Laureles along FM1847, leaving their homes complete surrounded by as much as three feet of water.

The heavy rain began falling Sunday, and now many have chosen to evacuate the area and move into the county shelter at the Los Fresnos Boys and Girls Club.

"We have one canal here one over here, and the canals they don TMt have a way out," Israel Ruiz said.

The water overflowed the ditches and is now in his front yard.

Ruiz raised his home by a foot, using concrete to keep the water out, but now the water lurks dangerously close, and more is expected in the next few days.

"Every time it rains [it TMs] the same problem here," he said.

Unfortunately, county officials said the flooding will probably get worse before it gets better.

"It TMs gonna get worse. Yeah on this particular area," Manuel Flores said.

He is the coordinator for the Cameron County Irrigation District Number 4, which encompasses Laureles.

He said the run off water from San Benito ends up in the area TMs drainage ditches, and from there it has nowhere else to go.

"There's some kind of restriction. Way up north from here, and I don't know exactly what it is, Flores said. But were trying to find out what."

In the coming week, he will be meeting with county leaders to try to find a better solution and drain the water away from the homes.