Cameron County inspection fee increase debated

Cash flow into Tecosville Grocery is slow.

"A small business like this, we've been hit pretty hard this past year, said store owner Gilbert Rodriguez Jr.

The Cameron County business is set to be hit with the higher costs of new inspection fees.

"I think it's getting outrageous, said Rodriguez. They're trying to nickel and dime us to death."

Cameron County commissioners approved the fees Wednesday.

It TMs a move emergency management said is overdue.

"These fees haven't been updated in several years, said Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator Humberto Barrera. Some of these fees haven't been applied or enforced."

Tecosville Grocery is just one business that didn't pay up in the last few years.

Next year, it'll shell out about $200 for a fire marshal inspection as well as a mandatory sprinkler system.

"That's 200 bucks out of my pocket I could use for something in my business, said Rodriguez.

But Tecosville Grocery has little to complain about in comparison to others.

Food and fireworks stands are expected to get hit the hardest.

According to Cameron County, one fireworks stand costs $100 to get inspected.

According to Cameron County, a food stand inspection will cost $25 each and every time the food stand is set up.

Cameron County said the fees protect the public.

They said the fees are similar to what any city businesses face.

"God forbid that there is a major accident, and people are going to be asking why didn't anybody check it, said Barrera.

The inspection fees also affect day cares and burn permits.

Click here to download a copy of the fee schedule