Cameron County candidates and supporters pulling out all the stops

The races in Cameron County are heating up as voters have come out strong showing their support for their candidate in any way they can.

The street corner near the Cameron County Courthouse in Brownsville displayed a clear sign that it's election season.

Candidates and supporters have pulled out all the stops to get their name out whether it's a wrapped truck or sponsoring a fishing tournament

Exposure is the name of the game.

"The signs, flyers, rallies and advertisement are basically just to inform the voters that it's election time, said PCT. 2 Constable candidate Abelardo Gomez. Your voice is your opinion, and I think that people need to realize that elected officials will listen if people come out in numbers.

One good way to get people to take notice is offering free food - like the supporters for Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos.

Free plates of chicken and all the fixings were used to remind people to hit the polls.

We're moving full steam ahead, said campaign spokesperson Jason Moody. We're moving forward with this campaign. He's in good spirits. He's visiting different supporters, volunteers that he has and moving forward."

Moody said despite Villalobos' recent indictment on racketeering charges, voters are showing their support for him in his race for congressional seat District 34.

"He has a lot of supporters, said Moody. People calling in text messaging, emailing us even the social media."

In the end the message is all the same: Make your voice be heard.

A Cameron County resident filed a petition to have DA Armando Villalobos removed from his post following the indictment.

A hearing will be held Friday where a visiting judge will decide if Villalobos stays or must resign as District Attorney.