Cameron County could soon be out of this world

It's approximately a 25-mile stretch of open space from Brownsville to Boca Chica Beach, and that's exactly what the company Space X is looking for, in order to build a launching space pad.

The company has been working with Cameron County leaders and the Brownsville Economic Development Corporation over the past year, to determine if the undeveloped land is the right place for their project to take-off.

Michelle Lopez, BEDC marketing and communications coordinator, said the site was chosen because of its location near the Gulf of Mexico.

"It's a good location - it's just easier to go over water and head to the east, Lopez said. Also, the land that they're looking at is privately owned so there's no issue there."

The other two potential sites for this project are Puerto Rico and Florida.

Wherever the launching pad is built, it will be used with several goals in mind.

"There will be commercial launches and they'll be sending equipment, satellites into space, that will be the short-term goal, Lopez said. The long-term goal is to see astronauts going into space."

Environmental studies are currently underway in the selected areas.

Local leaders are hopeful Boca Chica Beach will be the pick, because they said the benefits soar above the downfalls.

"It's going to create an educational venue for young students that want to (study) and have any interest in engineering or just aerospace," Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos said.

Not to mention, Lopez adds, it would help decrease the county's unemployment rate by one percent.

"It will provide about 600 jobs, (paying) over the average income here in Cameron County," she said.

The company is working with property owners in the area to determine if they would be able to acquire the land they need to build.

The site could be chosen between the next six to 12 months.