Cameron County DA candidates feeling good on Election Day

Candidates began their day greeting commuters at Burns Elementary in Brownsville.

Democrat Carlos Masso, who is hoping to become the next Cameron County District Attorney says he's been getting a good reception from voters.

They want to see integrity restored to the District Attorney's office and that's what I intend to do, said Masso.

I've been a prosecutor for the last 12 years. I've got the experience and I don't bring the negative background that's been plaguing the judicial system lately. Masso who has been an attorney for over 10 years, some of the time as an assistant district attorney, believes changing the county's top prosecutor can change that and is urging people to vote.

What most voters don't know is that the DA doesn't usually argue cases in court. The DA manages an office full of people who do.

"You need a district attorney who is going to be an administrator and not just a prosecutor, said Masso. You can't be in the court all the time. You may try a case from time to time but you have to administrate an office of 100 plus personnel."

Anybody can manage the office, said Luis Saenz. Anybody can fill out budget forms. I think what people want is a strong prosecutor a strong attorney standing up for the victims and that's what I give them.

Masso's opponent, Saenz, a career prosecutor with 19 years of experience and a former district attorney for Cameron County says real-time trial skills are what matters.

Being the leader is more than giving people directions, said Saenz. It's more than telling people what to do. You have to show people what you what them to do. That's why I believe being a prosecutor and being in the courtroom is very important. Maria Urbina DeFord, is also vying for Cameron County District Attorney while two republicans, Gus Garza and current Chief First Assistant District Attorney for Cameron County, Chuck Mattingly are facing off.

In the end, voters will decide who will represent them in the criminal justice system.