Cameron County deputies seize $250,000 dollars in cash

Authorities have reported seizing about $250,000 dollars in cash as part of a criminal investigation in Brownsville.

An estimated $250,000 was seized by the Cameron County Sheriff's Department Wednesday.

Sherriff Omar Lucio said It happened during a routine traffic stop in Brownsville when a deputy pulled over two men in a pick-up truck.

The deputy noticed the two were nervous, and spotted a large black duffle bag on the passenger TMs side by 45-year-old Humberto Hernandez Amaro.

Upon spotting the black bag, the deputy first suspected it may have been packed with drugs, but when back up arrived, deputies searched the bag and found the bundles of cash.

Hernandez Amaro, a Houston man, claimed the money was his but was unable to explain where it came from. "It is common knowledge especially in law enforcement that this money comes from where, said Sheriff Lucio. Transaction of narcotics people that do legitimate business do not carry that kind of money unless you have a big business and then you hire an armored truck to transport the money"

Sheriff Lucio also said the pick-up the men were driving does not register back to their names.

The Houston man who claimed the money was his, has to provide documentation showing he earned the money legitimately before he can get it back.

Deputies seized the money for further investigation and no arrests have been made at this time.