Cameron County: Getting ready for a day of ice

Many valley residents may have woken up to ice on their windshield.

With those such occurrences there TMs no doubt ice played a big role this Thursday.

These are harsh conditions, said Johnny Cavazos the Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator. These are unusual conditions we haven TMt seen these kind of weather in well over 20 years."

Cavazos said the toughest task Thursday was getting people off the roads the icy roads.

Conditions that in fact forced dozens of streets throughout the county to close down, including portions of Expressway77/83 in Cameron and in Hidalgo County.

Late Thursday evening even the Queen Isabella causeway in South Padre Island shut down.

A lot of people are not use to driving in these conditions so it TMs a very unusual to them and were asking anybody and everybody that you know if you dont have to be out and about please stay home," said Cavazos.

Action 4 caught people getting prepared.

Carlos Hernandez is a Brownsville resident, he told Action 4 he bought some logs for his fireplace, water and even sweaters for his pets.

And just in case folks can TMt find a warm place to stay, Holiday Inn in Brownsville told us they are offering a special rate due to conditions.

Cameron County officials encourage people to use the county TMs 2-1-1 service if they need any assistance during these conditions.