Cameron County holds drive-thru flu vaccinations

Fidel Calvillo with Cameron County's Department of Health and Human Services said participants could receive a shot or nasal spray.

People usually go to a drive-thru to pick up fast food, but this over the weekend it was to get a flu shot.

"In and out, awesome, said flu shot recipient Tommy Ramirez.

This is the first time that Cameron County Department of Health and Human Services put on this flu shot drive-thru program.

The goal was to get the community and the counties' staff accustomed to this type of procedure.

"For any major disaster or any type of outbreak of disease that we're able to practice a mass prophylactic distribution to the general public, said Fidel Calvillo with Cameron County's Department of Health and Human Services.

The event was held in the parking lot of the Cameron County Annex in San Benito. The procedure was simple:

  • Drive-up
  • Stop at one of two booths to give your information
  • Get a flu shot or nasal spray

"I TMm scared of needles, but they made it easy, Ramirez said.

It was easy enough even for those who aren't too excited about getting a shot.

"Nobody likes to get a shot, but they did a great job, said participant Bill Kallbach.

Leonel Lopez with the county's Department of Health and Human Services said that during this time of year, there's always an increase of the flu.

Although the number of cases is still within normal limits, Lopez said that everyone should take preventative measures.

"The flu is not a cold," he said. "There's a lot more to it than that it's a respiratory infection that can cause a lot of damage."

It's a danger that many people are not aware of.

"I try to do it regularly, said flu shot recipient Rhonda Rienhart.

Cameron County is looking into having another flu shot drive-thru program set to begin next flu season, possibly in October.