Cameron County Judge pushes for veteran tax break

Legislators are finally taking an interest in a bill that could help many veterans with a homestead tax break.

The bill could take effect as soon as September 1st.

Korean War Veteran Michael Halpin said the bill will help many veterans.

"If they are struggling making minimum pay like all veterans are you don TMt get paid like a working civilian," Veteran USMC Michael Halpin said.

Michael said it's even harder to get a job if the veteran was injured while serving.

Nearly 1-million veterans are currently unemployed.

One of the reasons the bill is necessary.

"Everyone talks about how much the veterans do well now it TMs time to put some dollars in their pocket and hopefully helps them out a little bit," Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos said.

Judge Cascos has asked state legislators to give veterans a larger exemption when it comes to paying property taxes.

"Veterans have two days off a year we have veterans parade we have street and building named after veterans and those are good initiatives but really at the end of the day what veterans need coming back is really some kind of break in terms of financial break," Cascos said.

He said the bill is getting bipartisan support in Austin.

The bill states that it's applicable to counties only.

But Judge Cascos doesn't want to stop there, he wants to extend this to all taxing entities.

He's hoping it becomes a statewide initiative.

Veteran Juan Hurtado III a Post Commander VFW Post 2035 said this piece of legislation would help greatly.

He said veterans struggle to pay their taxes.

"Sometimes people are still paying their mortgage so with this gesture that would be a great help they don TMt own us anything but if they do that TMs fantastic," Hurtado III said.

Legislators should decide whether or not to approve the bill by the end of the session in September.

Cascos adds that many people have expressed concern on where the money will be coming from.

He said he will find ways to make it up, even if that means cutting expenses somewhere or raising the taxes by 1/10 of a penny to make this work.Click here to follow Veronica on FacebookClick here to follow Veronica on Twitter