Cameron County Judge recount confusion continues

Cameron County documents posted at the entry of the Dancy Building state come Monday the recount for the Cameron County Judge's seat will be canvassed.

But precinct 54 remains to be recounted as Elections Administrator Roger Ortiz announced Thursday.

Commissioners are set to meet monday at 8 a.m. to canvass the votes.

The parties involved are still keeping quiet.

Action 4 News contacted Judge Carlos Cascos, whose signature appears on the notices posted at the Dancy building, but got no answer and no returned call.

Some sources said the reason why the recount for precinct 54 has not taken place is because Cascos has been unavailable.

Action 4 News also contacted Ortiz to ask about the recount, but no answer either.

County Commissioner John wood spoke to Actoin 4 News. He initially asked for a recount when he reportedly lost the November 2nd election by 80 votes.

Wood said the recount for Precinct 54 was in fact supposed to take place Saturday, however, Ortiz was unable to officially notify Cascos about the recount.

Under Texas law, if a recount is to be held,both parties must be officially notified about it at least 18 hours in advance.