Cameron County prepares for hurricane season

Hurricane preparation is nothing new in the Rio Grande Valley.

While there has been less than half a dozen hurricanes over the past 10 years, Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos said its important to always be ready.

"It's not something we start a month out, right after hurricane season we start preparation for next season, Cascos said. We are not different then other communities, they are doing the same thing as well, are we prepared? We are prepared as well as we can be.

One area that always receives attention are drainage ditches.

According to Cascos, our drainage systems can't handle 20 plus inches of rain at a time.

That's why keeping these ditches clear of debris and trash is a must.

"Our public works department should be out already cleaning out bar ditches Cascos said. We know where our water pumps need to go should a rain fall begin, we have our pumps ready to start pumping that water out.

While preparations remain the same, there is one difference.

This year, the state has downsized the amount of points of distribution or PODS pods from three to one.

Cascos said PODS played a huge roll during Hurricane Dolly.

Residents who had no electricity were able to get food, water and ice.

Sand bags are already available for those wishing to have them.

The bags are free of charge and each family is allowed up to six, all you need to do is pick them up.

Cascos said not to expect the county or city to open up shelters before a storm hits, that would only cause for a more dangerous situation.

He says the best plan of action is to evacuate when told to do so.

Anyone who needs assistance in evacuating, is urged to register with the 211 telephone system.