Cameron County preparing for mosquito onslaught

Heavy rains from Alex and large amounts of standing water have created the perfect conditions for the mass breeding of mosquitoes, agriculture and health experts told Action 4 News.

An onslaught of mosquitoes is expected over the next few weeks throughout the Valley.

Dr. Raul Villanueva, an entomologist with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service told Action 4 News the mosquitoes will arrive in two waves.

"We TMre going to have a wave after seven days of this one," he said, referring to the time it stopped raining.

That wave will be from mosquitoes eggs laid in soil. They begin hatching with large amounts of water.

A second wave will follow, he added, with mosquitoes that lay their eggs in standing water, "that TMs going to happen in another 14 days probably."

The Cameron County Health Department is taking notice of the concern.

They have identified over 20 problem areas throughout the county.

"We worked late that Friday afternoon to kind of figure out where we TMre going to have to target," Assistant Director Gustavo Olivarez said. Hopefully by tomorrow morning we're going to have staff out there larvaeciding and putting more briquettes."

Most of the areas are rural communities that have large retention ponds.

"The spraying, the earlier I see it taking place will be Tuesday night," Olivarez added.

The health department is also asking residents to do their part, and to protect themselves from mosquitoes.

Experts from the Texas AgriLife Extension Service urge Valley residents to remember the four D's to protect themselves from mosquitoes. Drain standing water Avoid activities at Dusk or Dawn Dress in clothes that cover exposed skin And look for Deet as an ingredient in insect repellent...