Cameron County voter turnout not slowing down

Republican District Attorney Candidate Chuck Mattingly

Things have not slowed down for Cameron County on Tuesday, Election Day.

Of the 180,000 registered voters in the County, over 42,000 have already voted Election Administrator Roger Ortiz told Action 4 News.

On Tuesday, another 35,000 are expected to cast their ballots.

Cameron County Elections department has encountered small issues including people having to visit the central office at the last minute to try and figure out what precinct to go to.

There were some communication glitches with his poll workers early today due to bad cell phone reception, also minor glitches with the new voting electronic system they are using for the first time this year Ortiz said.

Ortiz say he is expecting the voting numbers today to surpas the numbers from the last general election...that means Cameron county voters would set a new record.

Two of the biggest races in Cameron County are the Sheriff's race and the run for District Attorney.

Candidate Chuck Mattingly addresses the corruption and best practices he plans to put in place if elected.

His challenger is Luis Saenz.

It's important to note there is not incumbent in this race.

There are 83 precincts open Tuesday.

Anyone who arrives at the precincts by 7 p.m. will be allowed to vote.

Last week, Ortiz announced he will resign effective January 7, 2013.