Cameron Park family relieved murder charges dropped against son

Juana Flores cried tears of relief Thursday since her son 28-year-old Francisco Javier Flores will soon be released from jail.

He was the first man arrested in connection to the kidnapping and murder of 22-year-old Reyes Bocanegra of Brownsville, on July 18.

Police said he was taken into custody after three witnesses linked him to the case, as well as intelligence gathered from different agencies.

"Two witnesses placed him at the location physically, and the third witness actually went by voice recognition," Brownsville Police Spokesman J.J. Trevio said.

Also to blame for the confusion, his mother said, is a teardrop tattoo that Flores has near his eye.

The tearful mother admitted her son has been in and out of jail since he was a teenager, but that he is not capable of killing someone.

"I was so sad because I knew he was at meeting he had to attend due to his parole when they went and arrested him," Flores said.

Flores adds her son is devastated and doesn't know why he's being linked to the murder.

A relative tells us Action 4 News Flores is a member of the prison gang Partido Revolucionario Mexicano, but was trying to break away from that group, looking towards a better life.

The family said that might also be a reason Flores was accused of taking part in the murder.

"My son is devastated, he cries because he wants to know when he'll be out, Flores said. When parole clears the paperwork, he'll be free because he did nothing wrong and was keeping up with his court mandated classes."

Flores said she's happy her son is cleared of capital murder, but adds the damage has been done.

"This will never be completely erased, because it was all over the news and we really do feel bad because he was accused unjustly," Flores said.