"Cancer messed with the wrong girl", valley woman fights back

Amanda Gonzales

Amanda Gonzales never saw it coming.

"I just thought it was like any other thing, it would go away," Gonzales said.

A just 24-years-old, life as she knew it paused when she found out what was causing the pain in her stomach.

"I'm stage 4 colon cancer"

Now 27-years-old, the Edinburg North graduate is celebrating another year of life while facing a very grim reality.

"Recently I've had more physical pain, and cancer cell deposits around my tailbone area."

Her lungs, kidneys, abdomen, now all affected, but it's not keeping her from smiling and thinking of ways to keep herself alive despite the costs that continue to climb for treatment.

"I won't have insurance after April."

"It is hard to come out and tell everyone about it, what really motivated me was after keeping it quiet for 2 years and since things are getting worse instead of getting better, I realized I can't do it on my own."

Already on social media, Amanda turned her Facebook page into a blog of sorts, letting friends, family and now strangers know about her daily struggles and successes.

She also started donation pages since she's unable to afford chemotherapy.

"I'm not the type of person that wants people to see me as ill, I want to be just like a regular person walking around. So that's why it was hard for me to come out and say hey I'm sick, I need your help."

The timid warrior knows the odds are stacked against her, but hasn't let it slow her down and she doesn't plan on losing this fight."I don't think it's about being strong, I think it's having the support from your family and having a good foundation. It's knowing people love you and it's just pushing forward because there's nothing you can do, you just keep going everyday and hope that things will get better."

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