Cancer survivor gives mastectomy patients place to shop and feel whole again

Yanett Garcia opened Ribbons of Hope in Brownsville to support those battling cancer

Laughing was Maria Infante's initial shocking reaction to hearing she would need a mastectomy, but she admits it was a jarring revelation that she had to come to terms with quickly.

She feels right at home when she walks through the doors of Ribbons Of Hope Boutique in Brownsville.

Yanett Garcia opened the store just over a year ago.

"We have wigs, turbans, bras and prosthesis for women who have had a mastectomy or are going through chemotherapy."

Bras of all sizes and styles are sold here, with a bonus of getting your spirit lifted as well.

"Many women come in here and they are crying and can't believe what is happening to them or what to expect," said Yanett.

She fits them for prosthetic breasts which can easily be inserted into these bras helping women feel whole again.

"I ask them what kind of bra they were wearing before and we try to find one like that."

The mastectomy bras look like any others, but these are hard to come by at retail shops making the already hectic process for women battling cancer more uncomfortable.

Yanett knows this first hand.

"I had breast cancer and I had my breast removed and they gave me a basic white bra and a black turban."

Nearly two years have passed and Yanett is in the clear, so she's made it her mission to help other ladies who are in the predicament she was in after having a mastectomy and giving them a place to shop and a new lease on life.

"I didn't care about getting my breast removed, I was worried about staying alive for my children."

Shoppers can walk right into Ribbons Of Hope on 142 Paredes Line Road in Brownsville to get fitted or to purchase merchandise in support of breast cancer awareness.

Call (956) 554-4836 for more information.

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