Candidate files petition to remove Armando Villalobos as DA

Juan Angel Guerra

A congressional candidate has filed a petition to remove his rival Armando Villalobos as Cameron County District Attorney.

Villalobos out on a $50,000 dollar bond for racketeering charges filed in Brownsville's federal court on Monday.

The Cameron County district attorney is accused of soliciting and receiving tens of thousands of dollars in bribes for courtroom favors.

Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos called for Villalobos to step down from office.

Villalobos maintains his innocence and vowed to remain in office and continue as a Democratic Party candidate in the U.S. Congress District 34 race.

Eight Democrats and three Republicans are vying for congressional seat in the primaries.

Democrat candidate Juan Angel Guerra has filed a petition at the Cameron County Courthouse to have his rival Villalobos removed as district attorney.

Guerra is expected to hold a press conference about the petition early Wednesday afternoon.