Candidate still on the ballot after his suicide

The former Brownsville School Board President, Dr. Enrique Escobedo Jr., will remain on the ballot in the race for Cameron County District Clerk.

Escobedo was found dead inside his Brownsville home with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

This happened days after he filed to run for office.

His name will remain in the ballot because of a Texas Election Code law that does not allow the Elections committee to take him out of the race.

The law states:"Sec. 172.057. WITHDRAWN, DECEASED, OR INELIGIBLE CANDIDATE'S NAME OMITTED FROM GENERAL PRIMARY BALLOT. A candidate's name shall be omitted from the general primary election ballot if the candidate withdraws, dies, or is declared ineligible on or before the 79th day before general primary election day."

Chris Davis, Cameron County Elections Administrator, told Action 4 News that Escobedo died four days after the deadline.

We learned that if Escobedo wins, the second runner up will not take his place.

"If he would win this election and by winning I am talking about 50% of the vote plus 1 vote which will clear him off primary requirements," Davis said. "I believe their executive committee will then convene and appoint a person to be the nominee for the general election."

The other democratic candidates running for District Clerk are Neida Ruth Soto-Grantland, Rosie Sheldon Sotelo, Eric Garza and Elvira S. Ortiz.

The primaries are set for March 4th.