Candidates Await Final Vote Count

As of election night only one vote separated Pedro "Pete" Delgadillo and current Pct. 1 Constable Horacio Zamora.That's why Delgadillo said he was in disbelief when Cameron County election officials informed him of ballots cast on election day, yet to be counted."I guess somebody didn't do their job right, and it needs to be looked at, Delgadillo said. A lot of people are concerned about it."Elections Administrator Roger Ortiz said only 10 mail-in ballots came in after Election Day and there were over 600 provisional votes.However, he was unable to say how many votes were generated and for which candidates, from the ballots found two days after the election.Those races left in limbo include a school board seat for Brownsville Independent School District, Santa Maria Independent School District and Precinct 1 Constable.Ortiz said although the election did included human error, it does not mean the process is corrupt. Furthermore, he reminds voters that every vote does matter."One vote makes a big difference and this election showed it, Ortiz said. The tallies reviewed by the Ballot Board are final and must be canvassed by Monday.
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