Candidates "Fighting to Fix" Washington, Valley Reacts.

Texas governor Rick Perry only entered the race Saturday.

Already, he's ahead of Mitt Romney as a write-in candidate in the Ames straw poll.

"America is not broken, Washington is broken said Rick Perry, Texas Governor.

Perry brought on the cheers when blaming Washington for the country's debt crisis.

Candidate Michele Bachmann followed suit, placing fault on president Obama.

"People in Iowa sent a message loud and clear to president Obama said Michele Bachmann, Presidential Candidate. They said we are done with your policies. We want something very different".

The congresswoman now has one less challenger.

Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty finished third in the straw poll.

He announced Sunday he's ending his campaign.

"All of these candidates whether it's congresswoman Bachmann, governor Perry, all the others they're gonna be tested" said Tim Pawlenty.

And it's clear president Obama is feeling election pressure.

Tomorrow president Obama embarks on a campaign bus tour.

He'll stop in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

Action 4 news did some traveling of our own, hitting valley streets to find out how you think the country can get back on track.

Working together is a request action 4 heard a lot.

How politicians will follow that advice, while battling each other for your vote, has yet to be seen.