Candidates in District 38 battle it out

He's held the seat since 2006 and Democratic Incumbent Eddie Lucio III is shooting for another term in office this election season.

Unlike the past two elections in which he ran unopposed, voters will have to choose between Lucio, Republican Alex Torres and Libertarian Nancy Mishou.

The young but seasoned Lucio welcomes the challenge.

"It's a democratic process at its best, Lucio said. Folks having to engage in the issues (and) talk to voters about the issues."

However, according to Torres, Lucio has lost touch with the community and that's one of the things he hopes to change if he is elected.

"(There are issues that need to be addressed) for the people - streets not being fixed, lights need to be put in the correct places, Torres said. I need to fix things. I need to listen to the people. It's not about myself."

Lucio said his record speaks for itself.

"We've worked on issues to expand Medicaid coverage with special needs children, we've passed bills to make state facilities energy efficient (and) we've worked on veterans issues to make them exempt from property taxes, Lucio said.

Mishou promises to push for less federal oversight and give power back to the states.

"I TMm a very strong proponent of the tenth amendment, Mishou said. If a law is not constitutional on a federal level that's what the 10th amendment does - it gives the states the right to nullify or not enact that legislation.

The three candidates may have different reasons for wanting the District 38 seat, which covers parts of Brownsville to La Feria. However, some of the issues they all aim to tackle include higher education among Valley students and employment opportunities.

"All the factories that we've lost, we want to bring those factories back, Torres said. We've spoken to companies in the north that are willing to come down here, especially those states with unions (We want to bring) Fruit of the Loom, Levi TMs is another factory we can bring down (and) a soda company."

"I support local business - whether it's mom and pop|at every opportunity, Mishou said. I also buy USA-made products as much as possible. If, we let the economy and the small businesses do their thing, they will employ people."

Lucio said, It really all starts with education. We need to have high skilled laborers that come out of high school that can work at a high technical level, for manufacturing jobs (in companies) that want to come here like Space X.

Lucio said a medical school in the Valley would also be a huge economic driver.