Car burglary victim upset after police ignore request to dust for fingerprints

A burglary victim says Mission PD didn't take fingerprints after her car was broken into

Jeanette Mora bought a brand new 2014 Chevy Camaro last week.

"I just went ahead and said let me spoil myself for all of my hard work," she said.

But now something that was supposed to make her happy is the source of frustration.

Mission police told Action 4 News burglars broke into three cars at the Mission Nature Trail on Saturday morning.

Mora was one of the victims.

I never expected this to happen to me at the Mission Bike Trails, she said.

Mora is now forced to replace her broken window costing about $125 and the burglars stole $75 in cash and her credit cards.

But their sticky fingers left behind clues that could lead to an arrest.

There were a lot of fingerprints all over my radio, Mora said. I automatically asked the officer, sir I need you to go in and take fingerprints of my vehicle and right away the officer told me he didn TMt have the materials to do that.

Police never dusted for fingerprints.

Mora contacted Action 4 News because she was unhappy with the Mission Police Departments police work.

We took her complaints straight to the source.

Fingerprints are important to help solve crimes and we do them on a regular basis, Lt. Jody Tittle said.

Lt. Tittle said he is unsure why in this case fingerprints were not taken.

We are currently working to rectify that situation and we are getting fingerprints, he said.

Two days later and a phone to police by Action 4 an investigator called Mora and met her in the parking lot of her work to collect fingerprints.

I fell that now that you came out here to help me I TMm going to get results and I TMm going to get the people who did this to me, and I hope they go to jail for this, she said.

Police said the fingerprints will go into a database.

Although they many not immediately lead to an arrest, now police will have a record of the burglar if he or she chooses to strike again.