Car club members rescue family involved in highway rollover

Members of the South Texas Camaros Club rescued the family of five

It's the kind of accident that shatters lives and breaks families apart.

A rollover wreck May 4th on the northbound lanes of Highway 77 near the Sarita checkpoint could have been much worse if not for a car club witnessing the wreck from the opposite lanes.

Members of the South Texas Camaros Club, who happened to be on their way home from a show in Houston, stopped to rescue the family of five who ranged in ages from 71 to 4-years-old.

Sergio Franco and Luis Balderas describe the frantic scene.

"My buddy here Luis was holding up the truck while I got the grandma out because she was in a really bad state of shock and she really couldn't move," Sergio said.

"I didn't think about my safety at all just the safety of the family," Luis explained. "It looked terrible when we were driving up to it."

The club provided first aid, called for ambulances and even stayed behind to collect personal belongings left at the accident scene.

They turned to Action 4's Ryan Wolf's Facebook page to try and locate the family.

Mariela Ledesma calls them heroes.

She's from Weslaco and answered the call online because she's related to the Eligio and Ramos families who live in Corpus Christi.

Action 4's Ryan Wolf arranged for them to meet for the very first time.

"You're all a wonderful new family!" Mariela said to the group while shaking hands.

"We're really glad you guys all turned out well," Sergio said.

"Yes everyone did," Mariela said with a smile. "My grandma. My aunt. The baby. Everyone. The whole Valley is going to know that after a six-hour drive you guys still managed to turn back around instead of heading home."

"It's something we would have loved for someone to do for us," Carlos responded. "So it's something we did for you guys."

"I just imagine if my kids were there," Mariela said. "I would want someone to help me too. And for this I want to Pay it 4Ward."

Ricardo Filizola and Karen Gonzalez with GEF Financial Agency are standing by to surprise the car club for their kindness.

"Most people would just stop and call 911 but you guys took the bull by the horns and you are true heroes!" Ricardo told the group.

"We also hear that you do wonderful things beyond this for the community and so here's a little something for you to continue to set a wonderful example for the community," Karen said next. "On behalf of GEF Financial and Action 4 News here's $400."

"Awesome!" Carlos said.

"Thank you," Luis said. "We weren't expecting anything because we just want to give and that's all it was about."

They were in the right place at the right time.

Mariela says they were also the right group of people.

The injured family is doing well and in Corpus Christi.

They sent their sincere appreciation to everyone who helped to rescue them.

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