Car dealerships deal with economy

      Businesses are having a hard time getting credit. Home owners are being told they can't get a mortgage. And now it's becoming difficult to buy a car.

      New car dealerships are having trouble selling their inventory because of tighter credit restraints and the falling U.S. economy.

      So where does that leave consumers?

      Action 4 News spoke to used car company owner Carlos Hinojosa.

      He said consumers are coming to him.

      Customer Ericka Valencia said times are tough and she's looking to buy a small economy car with cash.

      Hinojosa said his business is booming because of consumers penny pinching.

      "It's used car lots like his that offer in-house financing that consumers are now looking into," he said.

      Hinojosa said dealerships that provide in-house financing offer no big credit checks and hassle free-payments.

      Although consumers don't have to deal with loan companies, they get what they pay for and may be out shopping again for another car in a few years.