Care packages for domestic violence victims

"It's our small way of helping these people out who are in a dire situation", said Attorney, Rene Oliveira Jr.

Oliveira is a member of the Cameron County Young Lawyers Association.

The organization is lending a hand to victims of domestic violence.

Members of the organization spent some time creating care packages for local shelters.

"These packages contain things like shampoo, deodorants, tooth brush, tooth paste", said Oliveria.

Domestic Violence is something Cameron County Prosecutor Maria DeFord is all too familiar with.

"Within Cameron county we have a large percentage of women that come to our office seeking protective orders", said DeFord.

You don't need any money to file for a protective order, but it needs to work its way through the legal system.

"The protective order is filed by the District Attorney's office and all there asked is to fill out a statement on as to what happened. Then we will go before a judge, and judge decides whether that protective order will be granted or not", said DeFord.

Since domestic violence is such a big issue, one Texas lawmaker has even proposed a bill to create an on-line registry for domestic violence abusers.

The proposed bill backed by State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer of San Antonio wants to set up a domestic violence registry similar to the current sex offender registry.

While the bill makes its way through Austin, others will continue with the mission of helping victims in need.

The Cameron County Young Lawyers Association hopes to continue with the gift bag donations every year.

The care packages will be delivered to both the Brownsville Friendship of Women's Shelter and the Family Crisis Center in Harlingen.