Caretaker accused of beating woman with down syndrome

Oates was arrested for allegedly beating a woman with down syndrome

A La Feria neighborhood seemed quiet and peaceful Wednesday, but as one woman came to find out, what was happening to her sister behind closed doors and in her own home is shocking.

"The victim is 52-years-old, she's down syndrome," said Police Chief Don Garcia.

According to Garcia, 60-year-old Angelica Oates, beat and bruised the disabled woman she was supposed to be caring for.

"The victim refused to follow her orders and that's where the assault started," Garcia said.

The alleged abuse was discovered by the victim's sister.

She tells Action 4 News, she hired Oates back in December as a provider, but did not go through a home health care agency.

She gave Oates the job because she needed it.

"The injuries are pretty severe," Garcia said. "They were physical contact - she struck the victim in the face, in the arm and in the leg area."

The victim's sister did not want to speak on camera but she did offer advice.

Make the investment and install cameras in your home, she said, if you're leaving your loved one in someone else's care.

Garcia adds people need to do their homework.

"There's so many provider companies out there that people need to do a background check (including) on the company they hire the provider from, and have references," Garcia said.

The victim's sister adds she understands being a provider can be tough but said Oates should've quit instead of resorting to allegedly beating a special needs woman.