Casa Linda Investigation: Back Taxes

The American dream has become more of a terrible nightmare for Luis Lara.

A lot of people have told me that they were in that situation and they did lose their house because they didn TMt know what to do," explains Lara.

The homeowner told Action 4 News he has exhausted all of his options to keep his home and it doesn't look promising.

In November of 2008, he purchased a house from Casa Linda Homes.

When he signed the contract, Lara said he was assured all back taxes would be paid by the company.

That TMs what the lady told me when I was signing the papers, that they were going to pay the taxes, he said.

After just four months of living in his home, he began receiving notices stating he owed more than $4,000 in school and property taxes.

According to the Cameron County Tax Assessor Collector's Office, Casa Linda had not paid the back taxes on the home.

Lara said he called Casa Linda and was transferred to a man named Larry Blayton, who never returned any of his calls.

The homeowner then decided to drive to the main office in McAllen to speak to Blayton in person, but was given the same response.

Action 4 News went looking for answers at Casa Linda TMs main office and had a similar experience.

Blayton TMs secretary couldn TMt even find him.

Meanwhile, the reality of Lara losing his home is starting to set in.

I might lose my house, my kids might be out of a roof. They need to be stopped from doing this to people," stated Lara.

Since we launched our investigation into Casa Linda homes, many people have come forward claiming the company has caused them to lose their homes.

In one case, a whole neighborhood was up in arms with the company.

Each complaint has been different, including one dealing with a loan Casa Linda defaulted on that caused the homeowners to get evicted.

But Lara TMs case is the first dealing with Casa Linda not paying property taxes to the county.

If you would like to report Casa Linda to the Texas Attorney General's Office, you can call 1-800-621-0508 or click here.