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      Castro Elementary School student injured in hit-and-run accident

      Authorities are looking for the driver of a Jeep Cherokee following a hit-and-accident that left a Mission elementary school student injured.

      It all happened outside Castro Elementary School off Mayberry Street around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

      Witnesses told Action 4 News that the driver of a green Jeep Cherook was speeding when the SUV hit a 6-year-old boy.

      The driver did not stop and took off from the scene.

      Paramedics took the student to a local hospital where the boy had non-life threatening injuries.

      Investigators said the jeep had Texas license plates DWZ 296.

      According to public records, the license plates come back to a 2000 Toyota UVL owned by a Houston man.

      It's not the first time a student has been injured by a car outside Castro Elementary School.

      A student was injured by a car back there in September.

      Action 4 News anchor Ryan Wolf was filming "Streets Of Speed" at a nearby school when the accident happened.

      Castrol Elementary School wil be featured on tonight's episode of "Streets Of Speed."