Cat & mouse game between Brownsville police and taggers

Brownsville police said they've seen an increase on graffiti along hike and bike trail off Paredes Line Road.

Authorities said not only is it offensive to those who use the trail to exercise but it's costing businesses thousands of dollars.

A furniture warehouse at the intersection of Las Casas Street and Paredes Line Road has been one of the most targeted businesses.

Although the building is painted with anti-graffiti paint, owners are having to clean it off on an almost daily basis.

Interim Police Chief Orlando Rodriguez said the paint on the building is far from being art work.

Police believe since the graffiti, or tagging, has become a daily occurrence, the suspect or suspects could be living nearby.

Graffiti is listed under the Texas Penal Code as criminal mischief, but the fines and jail times depend on the amount of damage done.

Police are stepping up patrols but anyone with information about the taggers is asked to call Brownsville Crime Stoppers at (956) 546-TIPS.